ASB Renewable energies

official PARADIGMA distributor

ASB renewable energies is a company formed by a team of people who believe deeply in renewable energies and we are dedicated to offering the best solution for our customers since 2005. We aim to offer our customers the best solution to reduce fossil fuels consumption and function properly throughout their useful life. We always look for the minimum investment and maintenance with the maximum possible savings for our customers. Our business is the sale of renewable energy systems, equipment and advice to industry professionals. Mainly solar thermal energy, solar photovoltaic energy, biomass, aerothermal, thermal earth, regulation and control, etc.


In 1986, an accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant damaged some almond groves used for Ritter Sport chocolate. This fact motivated Mr. Alfred Ritter to invest in renewable energy and created the Paradigma brand in 1988. The goal of the company Paradigma is to continue the innovation and development of ecological heating systems. The mission is to make a significant and relevant contribution to global CO2 reductions. From 1988 it grew and expanded in the world until in 2010 it began to be marketed in the Iberian Peninsula through the company Paradigma Ibérica. In 2015 the company Coditer took over to continue with the work done. And from 2021 the company ASB renewable energies take over to continue offering the renewable energy systems of Paradigma to give the best possible service to all Paradigm facilities in the Iberian Peninsula.